We are the Nucleus Program. We help new college graduates find their footing, set a plan for paying off loans, begin gainful employment, and establish a career path. We believe firmly in a work life balance – especially for young people using their employment as a means rather than an end – but still see the importance of establishing a foundation from which activity and growth flourish.  

Through federally funded grants and programs, we employ a team of young professionals to help new societal contributors find their best way to contribute. 

We are not a temp agency. We are a lifestyle enabler.  

There was a time before the big democratic win in 2020 when the average college student was paying a minimum of $10,000 for in-state tuition at a public university. The workforce was full of twenty-somethings already in more debt than their parents’ generation could ever imagine. Every cent of income for the first decade in the workforce, for many of these folks, went straight to paying down the interest on the load – barely even touching the loan itself. 

Thanks for proud and competent progressives like Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and Elizabeth Warren we now have debt free college options for anyone who want to go that way. The federal government began to pour money into states to prod them to create affordable public universities with competitive degrees for finishers. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was able to create a system of checks on the Education Department, state colleges, and predatory loan lenders.  

And some of that money went into workforce training options for post-graduates still trying to get their shit together. That’s where we come in! We are using this blog to outline some of the stories we’ve supported. Get in touch today through your university and let us determine the kind of support we can provide as you get on with your life!