Denise didn’t start her pursuit for higher education until the changes went into effect and therefore was able to focus more on her studies than her debt accumulation. That said, she was unable to find the time to work on a long term plan, a resume, a career trajectory, or some of the nuances of being a young adult on her own for the first time.  

She didn’t need a visit with the Team. But she did feel that she could benefit from monthly counseling with one of our lifestyle coordinators. Our lifestyle coordinators help with tasks such as resume building, finding an apartment, navigating the new city, and applying/interviewing for jobs. They’re basically life coaches for people who have lots of book smarts and need a little life smarts nudge.  

After the first visit with one of our lifestyle coordinators, Denise had a place to live and a draft resume. After the second, she had a transport plan and card, a finished resume with some applications out, and her place was coming along nicely. After the third visit, she had a job and a sense of well-being.  

We are so proud to be able to offer this service. People like Denise want to do good, they want to contribute to a functional society, they want to work, and they want to be happy. We just offer the tools and tips to make this happen.